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Steve & Ed Fowler


No Hyenas
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  No Hyenas

"No Hyenas" (2000) is one of the most musically coherent and timeless solo albums to have been made by any or all of the Fowler brothers. At the time of writing, it is also their latest. The album features compositions by only Steve and/or Ed Fowler, but includes performances by all brothers omit Tom, as Ed handles the bass guitar on all tracks. Aside from these talents, the rhythm section includes guitarist Mike Miller and drummers Russ Henry and Chester Thompson. French horn player Suzette Moriarty and keyboardist Liz Finch also contribute here and there.
"No Hyenas" is a well produced 56 minute long instrumental recording with an individual and, as mentioned, coherent sound. The well performed music is smooth and not as full of fusion and odd time signatures as their 1985 LP (1993 CD) "Hunter," for instance.
Over these beat driven "jazz" compositions, if you will, Walt Fowler's trumpet and flgelhorn, Bruce Fowler's trombone, Ed Fowler's synthesizer and bass, and Mike Miller's guitar play an equal importance both melodically and harmonically behind Steve Fowler's predominating melody instrument, the flute.
Whether you're used to listening to the Fowlers' in collaboration with Frank Zappa, Ed Mann, or as solo performers, the creative performances on these well arranged tunes are entertaining and easy to listen to, not much unlike Steve Fowler's 1991 solo recording "The Last Blue Sky."

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