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What's Ahead


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Born in Colon, Panama, surrounded from childhood by the deep roots of West Indian music, Rogelio has drawn from the essential musical styles of the Caribbean islands to create a sound rich in rhythm and harmony. His unique blend of Calypso, Reggae, Soca and Jazz, creates a perfect setting for his spiritual message about the environment and humankind. 

R.M. "We are living in a complicated world where life is lived very fast We must work long hours to be able to survive, pay the bills and make ends meet. What's ahead is a call for awareness of the situation on the planet in terms of the environment, politics, economics and inter-human relations

As a whole, what's ahead is simply what is coming in the future if the current trends continue to go on. We must take a stand and stop abusing our resources for the sake of profit and begin to live closer to nature. So that future generations can enjoy a clean environment.. It seems like we have forgotten of our human brotherhood. We have not embraced each other as brothers and sisters to try to work out our differences. But this sense of brotherhood is the key to reach peace... Life is to short, and the time we have is spent working to accumulate material things. But tomorrow we might be gone without having done the things that really matter.. In a few words, the actions that we take today will determine what will be coming ahead. We must look at what our true values and true feelings are and align ourselves with nature, so that in the future our children can have a better place to live" 


MP3 Samples

  1. I Don't Mind
  2. Lead Us Love
  3. I'm With You
  4. Love Is The Rock
  5. Stylish
  6. The Time We Have
  7. What's Ahead
  8. Reason To Search For
  9. Carnaval Celebration
  10. The Feeling Is Mutual
  11. Treat The Lady Right